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#25 The Adeventure to Great soap & How to Find it: Don't Hate, Collaborate!

Collaboration has often been viewed negatively by society. In my experience, it can result in one person doing all the work while others take the credit. However, as a handcrafter working with other creators, I've come to find collaboration as a fun and rewarding experience.

Collaboration Brings Value: A Soap Maker's Perspective

Collaboration is highly valued in the world of soap-making and other creative endeavors. When we begin a project, we are presented with countless possibilities, but as we work together, collaboration helps us to explore new ideas and discover hidden gems in the handmade journey.

One of the most remarkable benefits of collaboration is the opportunity to see things you haven't thought of before. As a small business owner, I might have a favorite recipe or a signature scent, but there's a world of untapped creativity that can only be unlocked through collaboration. When you join forces with fellow artists or creation enthusiasts, each brings a unique perspective, experience, and ideas to the table. You might discover a fragrance combination that's pure magic, a new technique that revolutionizes your soap design, or a sustainable ingredient that enhances your products. The collaboration broadens your making horizons by introducing you to endless possibilities that you might have never considered alone.

Constructive criticism, though sometimes tough to swallow, is an invaluable asset in the world of creating. When you collaborate, you open yourself up to a world of feedback that can help you fix flaws and address weak spots in your creations. Remember, criticism is not an attack on your skills but a means to improvement. Your collaborators can point out issues you might have overlooked, offer suggestions for enhancements, or share their experiences to guide you in refining your craft. The criticism received through collaboration can be the catalyst for growth, leading to soap that's not just good but exceptional. (Lord knows what time taking comments to heart has saved me!)

Photo caption: Anna, a fellow market vendor, is a creative and energetic collaboration partner.

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