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#26 The Adventure to Great Soap & How to Find It: We pick up where big business falls short.

Small businesses have been the cornerstone of communities across the United States for many years, until the last century. Through the last 100 years, big business has gradually forced many small family businesses to shut down, which is unfortunate for several reasons. Brand name dominance, economies of scale, globalization & high working capital are just a few.

Small family businesses have been the heart of small towns across the world, where corner shops, barbers, and gas stations have been places to share news, help one another, and come together as a community. Small businesses are run with the pride of hard work, love of community & necessity. With this massive cultural shift & capitalism at the helm, many small businesses cannot afford to keep up. Business owners often worry about the pressure to provide higher wages, cheaper shipping, benefits, and fast production turnaround times to name a few stressors.

As responsible small business owners, we have always been mindful of our words, interactions, promises, and business plans. We believe that the only way to succeed is through purposeful actions and thorough thoughtful planning. We remain optimistic that with deliberate efforts, we can overcome any challenges and achieve our goals. We may never have the money or growth to compete with the big box store bath companies, but our quality and care for your families & our products will shine through.

It has been a pleasure to meet so many families through our interactions at farmer's markets and events. We appreciate that our interactions with shoppers are not just about financial transactions, but about rebuilding the small business community at its core. We enjoy laughing with you, hearing your successes, and being a listening ear during difficult times. That's what being a small business is about; fostering community and taking the time to show love to others.

We know that living a life of integrity may take longer to reach bigger successes, but it has never led us astray when it comes to doing things the honest and correct way. We are so thankful for the trust you place in our small business to provide your families with a great soap & hygiene experience.

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