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#27 The Adventure to Great Soap & How to Find It: Building Success Through Empowering Others: There is Power in Lifting Each Other Up.

During my journey as a small business owner, I've come to realize that we're not in competition with anyone other than ourselves. Rather, we're all working together to achieve our dreams.

In past posts, I have mentioned that more times than not, I have been blessed to be working with many great people like me who are small business owners.

Within the last 6 months, I have made a new "Small business friend" . She has been experiencing her version of growth within her business & is feeling all the big emotions that come with watching your business bloom in that first year or two. It's a really neat feeling to understand the excitement someone feels when their business does well. I can only imagine it's like watching your child learn and master new things, it feels good to see the amazing things that come out of dedication.

Talking with her, trading ideas, and being supportive of each other has made me stop and think about our friendship & working relationship in how it pertains to the bigger picture in life.

It seems like each year I am in business, The new year has a theme or group of lessons it wants me to take something from. 2024 is all about sharing knowledge and using what skills I can offer to help others. I have found that by helping others, it helps me as well.

Isaac Newton's 3rd law states For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." This is not only true in science, but in life experience as well.

In relationships, actions and words have significant impacts. Kindness, empathy, and support often foster positive reactions, strengthening bonds. On the other hand, negative actions or words can lead to hurt, resentment, or estrangement. Understanding this dynamic encourages individuals to be more mindful of their actions and their potential repercussions on their relationships.

Many times in my life, I could have used someone who had been in my shoes and been able to give guidance. Life's burdens and mysteries always seem less heavy when you have someone to share them with, in business it is much the same. I dislike the feeling of not having an advocate or someone willing to get in the trench with you to help with a life struggle. I have enjoyed diving into the proverbial trench with my small business associates, I have enjoyed standing next to them in their moments of joy and achievements.

I know how I feel when someone gives of themselves and of their resources to help me. It only seems in the name of good Karma and trying to be a good human with my time on Earth to gift them the same. When we help, love and guide others we get the same in return when we need it. With some of the hardest working days I have had, I found that what got me through was putting myself aside to help others. I am often reminded that hard times aren't forever and if my words and actions can make a small difference, it makes my soul feel good.

I joke often about "My good deed for the day". It can be holding a door, active listening, picking up trash, you name it. Passing on goodwill and being helpful doesn't always come with a big price tag, but the "feel goods" in your heart are payment enough. I embrace helping others, it heals me in some way and what I feel are my personal "soul cracks" in my life. Helping others is the fixative.

I am not claiming that my help has made or broken anyone. It is ultimately their own effort that has led to success. I see myself as a source of support and motivation; my whispers encourage them to keep pushing forward. Witnessing the positive results of their hard work is exciting.

In this blog post, I would like to dedicate these words to my friend "M". You are an incredibly cool person and it's an honor for me to call you my friend. I hope that one day all your dreams come true. You're on the right path, and I believe that you will achieve great things in your life. Big congrats on your recent "wins".

About the photo: 2019 | This was when we were "Moonlighting" at Venice Farmers Market. It was in the very beginning when we weren't sure if soap could be a "thing" in our lives. We were in the days of "I can't believe we made $100 today, people actually like what we have to say and like what we are offering." It's wild to look back at all we have learned so far and say "How far we have come!"

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