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#23 The Adventure to Great Soap & How to Find it: In Life & business it's a Balancing Act

Balancing the dreams of my small business with the realities of my personal life has been a journey filled with both challenges and triumphs. Some days it's exhausting, especially when you are on a roll with an idea or it's pushing midnight in the middle of a project. We all have been there.

It often feels like walking a tightrope. If I focus too much on my personal life, my business takes a hit. On the other hand, if I dedicate too much time to my business, my personal life and the relationships that come with it suffer. It's a delicate balance to maintain.

I often hear that life will pass us by if we don't take a break from our work. But is this still true when we love what we do? There is the real danger of passion being all-consuming. (Men who love to fish, Ladies who love to read, or gardeners...I'm looking at you!)

Sometimes we have to make a conscious decision about when to choose a stopping point. I personally struggle with this on a daily basis and sometimes feel guilty about giving more time to work than I do my family and friends. It goes the other way around as well.

I think that having a hard time finding a work-life balance in some ways is noble, but at the same time, it can be very destructive. I have great respect for people who eat, sleep, and breathe what they are passionate about or if their jobs take up a lot of their time. We understand the difficulties that come with balancing work and personal relationships. Even in my own life, I have experienced the strain that being stretched too thin can create. It can be frustrating and lead to resentment when important matters cannot be addressed due to exhaustion from long work hours. Sometimes all you want to do is relax and watch a movie after working an 80-hour week.

Something I have strived to do this last couple of years is give more to my home in the ways of better meals, less clutter, set aside time to watch TV & enjoy a snack in the evenings. At our house time away or taking a vacation has always been a priority. Getting outside of the reality of life is so important for your health and relationships. ( We do our best work when we are energized & refreshed!)

Here are some thoughts recently I had after I read an article about work-life balance: ( I definitely have some new things to try!) *Bullet 3 is a biggie for me!

  • Define Your Priorities: Start by identifying your personal and professional priorities. What matters most to you in your personal life? What are the key goals and objectives for your business? Outcome:

  • Having a clear understanding of your priorities will guide your decision-making process.

  • Set Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries between work and personal life. Determine specific working hours and stick to them as closely as possible. Communicate these boundaries to clients, customers, and team members, so they understand when you are available and when you are not.

  • Time Management: Implement effective time management techniques. Prioritize tasks, create to-do lists, and use tools like calendars and productivity apps to organize your day. Outcome: work more efficiently, leaving time for personal pursuits.

  • Evaluate and Adjust: Regularly assess your work-life balance. Are you consistently achieving the balance you desire, or are you leaning too heavily in one direction? Be open to adjusting your approach as needed.

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