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Licensed &


Est. 2019

Welcome to Apotheca Brown Soaps & Sundries
                                                 Get back to what clean means 

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We are excited that you are here! 


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Michael Brown II, CPT.

Certified Production Technician & Purchasing

Michael lends his talents of 18 years in manufacturing & production. Michael gladly joined with Jenifer to create a great product that for a while only their family & friends have enjoyed.  As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, Michael has helped to make Apotheca Brown what it is today. "When I buy a product I expect it to meet every need, I like quality at an affordable price. I am committed to bringing the market both."


Jenifer Brown

Owner & Creativity Specialist

Jenifer Lends 20 years of customer service and working within the public.  "I strive to be creative and offer a great product at a price that every family can afford. As consumers we also are owed to know what are in the products we use every day"

   As of November 2021, Jenifer was gifted the opportunity to take Apotheca Brown Soaps & Sundries full time.  You can find her in up to 7-10 markets locally at any given time. 

Meet Our Team

   They hope to inspire as many people as possible to find their passion. "Making great soap & the goal of creating a farm that sustains us and brings joy is the ultimate hope, We love the journey of getting to meet our community & building a subsistence lifestyle" 


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Why Find & Follow us on Instagram & Facebook ?
 Our Facebook page is the fastest way to get information about our whereabouts, New soap releases, Drawings & contests!
   Instagram is a totally different experience and gives a look into all things Apotheca Brown!  Want to see us make soap? Instagram is a great place to do that!


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"Apotheca Brown


Use your smart phone to find us on Instagram ! Open the app and scan this code

The Adventures to great soap & how to find it 

Growing up in Florida is WILD, but someone's gatta do it!

        If you're a fan of great adventures, we share our life changing experiences and insights on our lives that challenges us to offer the  best soap out there while exploring the fascinating world of growing up in Florida.


Come join us on this ever expanding adventure and discover that you too may be challenged to change your life !


      Inside, you'll get answers to questions like:

Did Jen really eat Rattlesnake?  

Who in Jen's family is famous?

What lesson did mike learn as a kid?

Florida Uncle: The bravest around?

Proud owner of an Apotheca Brown Real Sea Sponge? 
    Let's Learn to Care for it!

1. Wash sponge with soapy warm water before 1st use

2. When not in use, store sponge in a dry place

3. To sanitize & refresh your sponge you can use a 50/50 vinegar & water mix. 

4. Soak sponge for 20 minutes & rinse well. 

5. NEVER use industrial cleaners. This will ruin your sponge (No bleach, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, etc.)


We always tell people to care for their sponges like they would their skin!

Don't leave it out in the sun. (outdoor showers, were looking at you!)

Don't wash it with harsh chemicals

Keep it clean & dry when not in use

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Home: Customer Feedback

 "Chasing your dreams, whatever they may be are so very possible!  I am a great example of starting with a dream & making it a reality!  Be inspired & put it to work for you"       -Jen Brown

The Soap box is all yours.....

   Ask questions, leave comments & more. 

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Help Center

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we only ship within the United States. Buyer pays all shipping costs with all orders at this time. Please communicate with us for shipping.

I am allergic to nuts and nut products. What do I do ?

I want you to join my event!
Please email us at

    Please contact us directly for concerns. We are happy to do a full product review to best suit your needs. Custom soaps available for special needs. 

I want a custom soap!

We enjoy hearing your ideas & we love to make private batches. Simply fill out & submit the "soap box" form above. We will be in touch.

Do you accept returns?

Phone: 941-270-6268


We accept returns within 10 business days. Please know that returns are based off product defect, not customer negligence. All products are to be kept out of direct sunlight, away from moisture, etc. Feel free to reach out within 10 days, we will kindly work to make a wrong into a right. Apotheca Brown is not responsible for damages from or during shipping via mail.     Each mailed item will be packed with care. 

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