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   Farmer's Market Season starts early October. Find our "On the Road" section to find the great markets we are attending!

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   Join us starting October 2022 at
  Wednesdays:  The Phillipi Farmhouse market
   Select Wednesday nights:   Ranch Nights  


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Est. 2019

About Our Company

What to expect & beyond your expectations
......Get Back to What Clean Means!


 Welcome to Apotheca Brown


 Soaps & Sundries! 

    We are proud to have you in our 4th year as we move fervently forward in our adventure to great soap. We are as excited as ever to make you the best handmade soap you'll ever use.  (We don't say that lightly either!)

     At the end of 2021, we were excited to announce that Apotheca Brown had become a FULLTIME business. This was a mountainous goal for us. It is always so exciting to see hard work really take off and do more stand on its own two feet.  When we started, we had very high hopes of becoming a brand that people would crave to have in their homes & on their skin.  From the 1st batch to the current day batches, we strive to bring you great soap but also have you feel its value in your life.  We get asked often "Aside from getting clean from the soap, what do you mean when you say value"?   The word value really has two different definitions & we like to say we use both.  1. The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.  2.  A person's principles of behavior; One's judgement of what is important in life.   

      Starting with definition number one we want our soap to love your family the way we loved making it.  We want our soap to find a place in your home as an item of worth & usefulness.  We are here to make you soap that will last, get the job done & have you excited for the next use.  There is a felt value in quality-built tools, clothing & cars....why not in soap ? 

      Definition number two- Ethics, honesty & transparency seem to be fading into the background for many businesses & business people. We whole heartedly believe that business still can be conducted "The old fashion way" in many aspects. In our families a man's word still counts for something & a handshake to seal the deal is still a great way to communicate expectations.  We love the ability to be able to take the time to share our story (and hear yours !) What we find important in life is simple.  Be kind, Be generous, Be present, be mindful & Be honest.

      We hope that you find the love & value of the things that you use un your everyday life. Life is short & we need to fill it with simple things that bring us the most joy in our lives. We are so excited to have found a friend, teacher, mentor, light & inspiration in you. We love to learn, ask questions & be curious about all that surrounds us!  We may find inspiration from you, Will you find inspiration in us too ?   

   Our blog "The Adventure to great soap & how to find it" is an ever growing set of entries that share our adventures that made us who we are & what we feel brought us to be soap makers. ( Being born & raised in Florida is an adventure in itself!) We hope you enjoy all the small things that make Apotheca Brown Soaps & Sundries so special to us.  




Meet Our Team


Michael Brown II, CPT.

Certified Production Technician & Purchasing

Michael lends his talents of 18 years in manufacturing & production. Michael gladly joined with Jenifer to create a great product that for a while only their family & friends have enjoyed.  As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, Michael has helped to make Apotheca Brown what it is today. "When I buy a product I expect it to meet every need, I like quality at an affordable price. I am committed to bringing the market both."


Jenifer Brown

Owner & Creativity Specialist

Jenifer Lends 20 years of customer service and working within the public.  "I strive to be creative and offer a great product at a price that every family can afford. As consumers we also are owed to know what are in the products we use every day"

   As of November 2021, Jenifer was gifted the opportunity to take Apotheca Brown Soaps & Sundries full time.  You can find her in up to 7-10 markets locally at any given time. 

   They hope to inspire as many people as possible to find their passion. "Making great soap & the goal of creating a farm that sustains us and brings joy is the ultimate hope, We love the journey of getting to meet our community & building a subsistence lifestyle" 

Proud owner of an Apotheca Brown Real Sea Sponge? 
    Let's Learn to Care for it!

1. Wash sponge with soapy warm water before 1st use

2. When not in use, store sponge in a dry place

3. To sanitize & refresh your sponge you can use a 50/50 vinegar & water mix. 

4. Soak sponge for 20 minutes & rinse well. 

5. NEVER use industrial cleaners. This will ruin your sponge (No bleach, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, etc.)

Mike sponge .jpg

We always tell people to care for their sponges like they would their skin!

Don't leave it out in the sun. (outdoor showers, were looking at you!)

Don't wash it with harsh chemicals

Keep it clean & dry when not in use

Check out our blog !

Find our Blog on this site by clicking on the 3 dashes in the Menu section 

    Everyone has moments in their lives that make them who they are. The human experience is so very different than the next & that's what makes it so special. (17 entries & growing!)

   Apotheca Brown's blog takes you on a lifelong journey that brought them to be the soap maker's they are. Short snippets bring you closer with each entry read that makes their soap so special. 

   "Growing up in Florida & being a native Floridian is almost a badge of honor in the eyes of many. We are rare. I love the fact that I grew up in the wild & untamed back waters and woods of Florida" -Jen Brown 

  "Your upbringing was unconventional by many means, but what a great adventure!"  Leah D**z 

    "Your blog is different. Never know what is next" 

                                                       Pat C*****n

   "I am a life coach, but maybe I need to take a page out of your book"     Theresa M******y

Where we Started:     A tale of Inspiration 


The Brown Family has many passions and interests. We have been blessed to see a few parts of the world both inside & outside of the United States. One of the things we noticed among our travels is the joy people seem to have in living simply.  We love to see the genuine smiles as they share the foods & culture of their areas with the people they encounter. 

Our inspiration started with 2 men named Johnny & Dennis.

   Johnny is a most unusual character who lives in the mountains of Tennessee. We first met Johnny through our father.  Johnny appeared at the gate one morning, just he and his bicycle. Our father had arranged a special trip to explore a wild and scenic cave in the area. We spent the whole day learning about Johnny and his life while exploring Espy Cave. Johnny only owns a bicycle; his clothes are made by Mennonites & everything he eats is out of his garden and from his own livestock. The day came to an end, and we didn't want to leave his side.  It was so refreshing to meet someone who only has what is absolutely needed in life to sustain....and be on top of the world happy about it!   That was it, we planted the seed of one day being that SIMPLE.

  Our second inspiration to "find simple" was a man out of North Carolina named Dennis. Dennis is the 1st soap maker we had ever met. He took the time to explain why handmade soap is so near and dear to his heart and why he chose to get into it. We asked a bunch of questions, smelled his soaps and that is what it took for our passion to grow. He gave us a few basic tips & said that in order to make good soap great, it would take a lot of study. "Never compromise your brand, Find and build a great recipe...Stand by it "   


Apotheca on The Road...

Wednesdays:  Phillipi Farmhouse Market                         5500 S. Tamiami Trl, Sarasota, Fl 34231   8am to 1pm              Opening Day 10/05/22

Thursdays: Olde Englewood Village Farmer's Market

Downtown Old Englewood    348 Green St. Englewood, Fl 34223         9am -1pm        Opening Day 10/6/22

Saturdays:  Venice Farmer's Market

Next to Venice City Hall 401. West Venice Ave. Venice, Fl 34292       8am to 1pm   (Year Round Market)


Sundays: Siesta Key Farmer's Market 

5104 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Key, Fl. 34242      8am to Noon 

              (Year Round Market) 

Sundays: The Meadows Farmers Market

4989 Ringwood Meadow Sarasota, Fl. 34232   10am-2pm          Opening Day 10/2/22

More Fun: (Weekly market; see our attendance dates below)

  Wednesday Nights: (Schedule Varies)   Ranch Nights 6p-9p

   7500 Island Cove Terr. Lakewood Ranch, Fl. 34240

     Find us: 10/5, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23, 11/30

Monthly: Venice Golf & River Club

     (Usually 2nd Friday of Every month)

105 Pesaro Dr. Nokomis, Fl. 34275     9am to 1pm 

    *This is a Private community, Market not open to the general public*

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**We graciously accept credit, debit, cash, Apple & Samsung pay**



"There still is a place for  "old timey" business practices in some aspects, People deserve to feel their support of a business is appreciated foremost. We strive to make everyone feel welcome & valued !"   -Jen Brown   

15 minutes of Fame

July 2022 We got to join the team over at ABC 7 to be part of their morning show The Suncoast View!     
<--------Watch Now!


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   Instagram is a totally different experience and gives a look into all things Apotheca Brown!  Want to see us make soap? Instagram is a great place to do that!


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Pictured Below is our Peppermint & Eucalyptus Soap !   Made with quality oils, Matcha Green tea & Scented with essential oils...It's a GREAT way to start your day

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Customer Feedback


 "Chasing your dreams, whatever they may be are so very possible!  I am a great example of starting with a dream & making it a reality!  Be inspired & put it to work for you"       -Jen Brown

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Help Center

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we only ship within the United States. Buyer pays all shipping costs with all orders at this time. Please communicate with us for shipping.

Do you accept returns?

We accept returns within 10 business days. Please know that returns are based off product defect, not customer negligence. All products are to be kept out of direct sunlight, away from moisture, etc. Feel free to reach out within 10 days, we will kindly work to make a wrong into a right. Apotheca Brown is not responsible for damages from or during shipping via mail.     Each mailed item will be packed with care. 

I am allergic to nuts and nut products. What do I do ?

    Please contact us directly for concerns. We are happy to do a full product review to best suit your needs. Custom soaps available for special needs. 

Can I buy a whole batch or buy in bulk ?

 We would love to work with you for your bulk needs. Please inquire via phone for details!