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Our Background

It started with a want for simple, honest and the    way business should be done....

The Brown Family has many passions and interests. We have been blessed to see a few parts of the world both inside & outside of the United States. One of the things we noticed among our travels is the joy people seem to have in living simply.  We love to see the genuine smiles as they share the foods & culture of their areas with the people they encounter. 

Our inspiration started with 2 men named Johnny & Dennis.

   Johnny is a most unusual character who lives in the mountains of Tennessee. We first met Johnny through our father.  Johnny appeared at the gate one morning, just he and his bicycle. Our father had arranged a special trip to explore a wild and scenic cave in the area. We spent the whole day learning about Johnny and his life while exploring Espy Cave. Johnny only owns a bicycle, his clothes are made by Mennonites & everything he eats is out of his garden and from his own livestock. The day came to an end, and we didn't want to leave his side.  It was so refreshing to meet someone who only has what is absolutely needed in life to sustain....and be on top of the world happy about it !   That was it, we planted the seed of one day being that SIMPLE.

  Our second inspiration to "find simple" was a man out of North Carolina named Dennis. Dennis is the 1st soap maker we had ever met. He took the time to explain why handmade soap is so near and dear to his heart and why he chose to get into it. We asked a bunch of questions, smelled his soaps and that is what it took for our passion to grow. He gave us a few basic tips & said that in order to make good soap great, it would take a lot of study. "Never compromise your brand, Find and build a great recipe...Stand by it "   

  After much study, research and trial and error, Apotheca Brown Soaps &  Sundries, LLC.  came to be. We have gotten a lot of great feedback & support from the friends, Family & customers we have gained along the way. We are just as passionate about soap as we have ever been.  

 Our Family looks forward creating a lasting relationship with you, Thank you for all of the support.

Meet Our Team


Jenifer Brown

Owner & Creativity Specialist

Jenifer Brown is the founding part of the team, and has been with Apotheca Brown Soaps & Sundries since the very beginning. Jenifer Lends 18 years of customer service and working within the public.  "I strive to be creative and offer a great product at a price that every family can afford. As consumers we also are owed to know what are in the products we use every day"

Michael Brown II, CPT.

Certified Production Technician & Purchasing


Michael lends his talents of 14 years in manufacturing & production,.Michael gladly joined with Jenifer to create a great product that for a while only their family & friends have enjoyed.  As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, Michael has helped to make Apotheca Brown what it is today. "When I buy a product I expect it to meet every need, I like quality at an affordable price. I am committed to bringing the market both."


"We work hard to create & offer soap   that
meets your needs and goes beyond expectation" Mike Brown

Special Events
......JOIN US !

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This market is Apotheca Brown's absolute favorite market !   

  Having a market at night is so magical & the vibe is so different. So many talented people vend at this market. Great music, fresh food choices & so much more 

1420 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota, FL

5pm to 8pm 

Check out our blog !

Find our Blog on this site by clicking on the 3 dashes in the Menu section 

Everyone has a series of moments in life that bring them to where they are meant to be. These series of moments help them find their calling or what they are meant to do with their lives. 

Our blog is short snippets into our lives from the times when we were young up to present day.  We will share moments that left impressions on us, adventures we have been on & what eventually led us to seeking the hobby of making soap....and building our dreams on it.

   "....I love reading about the stories of growing up in Florida"  - Pat C.

  " Its very neat that you did'nt have a normal upbringing and that you mentioned it may be a bit "wild" compared to most upbringings"   -Leah J.


Divers with Flashlight

Some of the finest-quality sea sponge, a jelly-like marine creature with a body full of pores, can be found in the warm waters of southeastern Mediterranean. The ancient Greeks knew about these animals and their usefulness in scrubbing and cleaning purposes, and for maintaining personal hygiene. Sponge was also used for padding helmets and for filtering water.

The entire Greek sponge industry was centered on a string of islands in the Aegean Sea, called the Dodecanese Islands. For generations, young men and their fathers and their forefathers earned their living by diving for sponges. Traditionally, the sponge was gathered from the ocean floor by ‘skin diving’, or free diving without clothes and without using any breathing apparatus. Sponge divers would dive to the bottom of the sea on just a single breath of air, weighing their body down by a piece of flat stone that weighed up to 15 kg. The heavy stone would drag the naked bodies quickly to the bottom. The presence of sponge on the dive site would have been already verified by the crew above using a cylindrical viewing pipe with a glass bottom. Once the diver reached the floor, he would cut loose as many sponges as he could and stuff them into a mesh bag. A skilled diver could dive up to depths of 30 meters and stay under water for 3 to 5 minutes.

     Information found from Amusingplanet.com

The Sponge Capital of the world is in FLORIDA !


Why A Natural Sponge ?

Natural sea sponges actually have enzymes in them that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Yet, they are toxin-free and hypo-allergenic. In addition, natural sea sponges are better for bathing and cleaning because they soak up and hold more water without dripping.


  We got many requests for real sea sponges.

While it took a while to find a supplier that could offer as an affordable sponge, we are happy to say that for the last couple months we have gotten a great response to offering them to all of you !

  We are currently offering 3 sizes of sponges & hope to carry more sponge options in the future! (Find them on our shopping section of this site!)

Fun Facts : 

   *Sponges can live to be Up to 2,300 years old 

   *They are considered Carnivores

  * Hawksbill Turtles Love to eat sea sponges 

   *  New Species of sponges are found everyday !

 * Natural sponges are antimicrobial 

 * Sponge diving & harvesting began in Florida around the year 1850 


We recommend a day trip to Tarpon Springs! 

   Tarpon Springs is a Greek Fishing & sponging community Located about 32 miles North East of Tampa, Florida.

   Enjoy the Greek culture through their Restaurants, dancing & shopping. Boat Tours also available.  Open year round 7 days a week 


Have we inspired you to create ?

  Getting  creative minds together can be a lot of fun & create memories for years to come !  Find something that interests you or something you have wanted to learn. 

  We recommend keeping a creation notebook or binder.  Engage young family members by Letting them help by create the cover or images for your book!  Perhaps you can create a project that all family members can participate in. 

    Grab your family & loved ones, get busy having fun. 

    Send us your family creations to 

Apothecabrownsoaps@yahoo.com ! We may feature in our Creation Corner Section 

Family Portrait

Kreation Korner:    January 2022
                                       "Show & Tell me a Story"      (ages 5 to 12)
Materials Needed: scissors, glue, Magazines & paper or posterboard
1. Grab your magazines and look at all of the photos & advertisements.

 2. Let your creative imagination start to flow.

 3. Take your scissors and cut out all of the photos you liked.

 4. Arrange your cutouts on the floor or tabletop to build your story 

 5. Once you have your story, begin to glue your photos onto your paper or Posterboard. 

 6. Take turns listening to everyone's story 

        whose story was the funniest?  Who had the most creative story?


Art Class
Washing Hands

Apotheca on The Road...

Thursdays: Olde Englewood Village Farmer's Market

Downtown Old Englewood    250 W. Dearborn St. Englewood, Fl 34223 9am -1pm 

Saturdays:  Venice Farmer's Market

Next to Venice City Hall 401. West Venice Ave. Venice, Fl 34292  8am to 1pm 


Sundays: Siesta Key Farmer's Market 

5104 Ocean Blvd. Siesta Key, Fl. 34242      8am to Noon 

Sundays: The Meadows Farmers Market 

4989 Ringwood Meadow Sarasota, Fl. 34232   10am-2pm

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**We graciously accept credit, debit, cash, Apple & Samsung pay**

"There still is a place for  "old timey" business practices in some aspects, People deserve to feel their support of a business is appreciated foremost. We strive to make everyone feel welcome & valued !"   -Jen Brown   


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Help Center

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we only ship within the United States. Buyer pays all shipping costs with all orders at this time. Please communicate with us for shipping.

Do you accept returns?

We accept returns within 10 business days. Please know that returns are based off product defect, not customer negligence. All products are to be kept out of direct sunlight, away from moisture, etc. Feel free to reach out within 10 days, we will kindly work to make a wrong into a right. Apotheca Brown is not responsible for damages from or during shipping via mail.     Each mailed item will be packed with care. 

I am allergic to nuts and nut products. What do I do ?

    Please contact us directly for concerns. We are happy to do a full product review to best suit your needs. Custom soaps available for special needs. 

Can I buy a whole batch or buy in bulk ?

 We would love to work with you for your bulk needs. Please inquire via phone for details!