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How it began

The Brown Family has many passions and interests. We have been blessed to see a few parts of the world both inside & outside of the United States. One of the things we noticed among our travels is the joy people seem to have in living simply.  We love to see the genuine smiles as they share the foods & culture of their areas with the people they encounter. 

Our inspiration started with 2 men named Johnny & Dennis.

   Johnny is a most unusual character who lives in the mountains of Tennessee. We first met Johnny through our father.  Johnny appeared at the gate one morning, just he and his bicycle. Our father had arranged a special trip to explore a wild and scenic cave in the area. We spent the whole day learning about Johnny and his life while exploring Espy Cave. Johnny only owns a bicycle; his clothes are made by Mennonites & everything he eats is out of his garden and from his own livestock. The day came to an end, and we didn't want to leave his side.  It was so refreshing to meet someone who only has what is absolutely needed in life to sustain....and be on top of the world happy about it!   That was it, we planted the seed of one day being that SIMPLE.

  Our second inspiration to "find simple" was a man out of North Carolina named Dennis. Dennis is the 1st soap maker we had ever met. He took the time to explain why handmade soap is so near and dear to his heart and why he chose to get into it. We asked a bunch of questions, smelled his soaps and that is what it took for our passion to grow. He gave us a few basic tips & said that in order to make good soap great, it would take a lot of study. "Never compromise your brand, Find and build a great recipe...Stand by it " 

Tennessee Waterfall close to where we were inspired to become soap makers
Jen hiking in our favorite spot in Tennessee. Its these hills that helped build our story of Apotheca Brown Soaps & Sundries
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