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#9 The Adventure to great soap & how to find it : Grow where you are planted

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

"Grow where you are planted!" my grandmother (on my Mother's side) used to tell me when I was young. I always chuckled as I imagined burying myself upto my knees in dark rich soil, looking up, arms spreading wide as I smiled up at the sun....It wasn't until much later in life I realized what that meant. (and eventually I would still embrace it, but in the same dislike the phrase....More on that later)

Let's use the proverbial deck of cards of life for a minute.

Everyone is dealt a hand in life sometimes that they didn't ask for. Think back for a second about a hand you were dealt that was less than Ideal. What happen with that hand of cards? Did you immediately fold or Did you see the hand through?

I am guessing that you saw the hand through, you chose to stick it out and play through even if you lost a few bucks...(and I'm sure you will play a better hand next time.)

Congratulations. Seeing that terrible hand through and knowing better for next time ,in a way, is like growing where you are planted.

Where we grow up, who our parents are, How rich or poor we are growing up, who our families are (and the like ) aren't choices were given at birth. Life would be easy if we got to pick what we come into, but what would we really learn?

The "Growing where you are planted" mentality to me is almost damaging in a couple ways, I think. I get what it means, but hear me out.

In this day and age, people, especially women have come a long way. People are more independent than ever, and women are proof of that.

My Grandmother on my Dad's side used to tell me all the time about growing up and being raised to know how to care for a family, raise babies, be a good wife..etc. Women back then, they were force planted & didn't think much of it because "That's the way it was, honey."

I think now, more than ever people get to choose where they put their roots. I don't think it very wise to simply grow where you were planted, there is so much to see and so much to learn. Think about it, how do you know if the garden you grew up in is the best garden to provide you the best outcome for yourself? The more and more I looked at my life, and what I had experienced with it, I realized that I grew to what my little garden could afford for me. I realized that if I wanted something bigger for myself I would have to shake out my roots and find a better place to be planted. I refused to grow where I was planted, I refused to settle to be like the people and places that surrounded me.

I like to think of it this way-

Plant yourself where you will do your best growing! It can be down the street, it could be across town, it could be in another country. Take yourself to where you can grow your best, but never forget the garden you started in.

I think everyone is capable of improvement & growth.

Feel the sunshine on your skin as you work hard, Feel the ache in your feet after a long day. Watch your very own garden take shape and grow to be exactly what you deserve, and that will yeild beautiful growth.

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