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#8 The Adventure to great soap & how to find it: A token to remember the good times

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Years ago now, Life wasn't as busy as it is today. I know, everyone says that. In our case, it really is true.

A few years before we got married Mike and I bought a house together. We had a mess of 2nd hand furniture and dreams for what seemed to be a bright future together.

After buying our home, we sank what little means we had into it. After a few new purchased items, and the generosity of friends and family we gained a few more second hand items to get us by. We didnt mind having things secondhand, we were homeowners & that's all that mattered.

We only knew of 1 friend that had bought a house before us, so it felt like we belonged to a whole new world of adulting. With that came a whole new sense of responsibility, and we realized that alot of the money we made needed to go back into the house.

Our circle of friends has always been small, in one way or another. At the time our circle consisted of me being the only girl. At the time, it didn't really cross my mind. Mike and I told our small group that we really couldn't go crazy spending money & alot of our time would have to be home. The group was supportive. Like clock work, Friday would come and everyone would come over for the weekend. Each person would bring a food item or two that would be shared amongst us all feeding us for the whole weekend. The drama was low, the music was loud and the laughter we shared went on most nights until the sun came up. During the cooler months, we found ourselves enjoying Bonfires almost every weekend. Now what I failed to mention earlier is through the years we enjoyed a few adult beverages during these times too, but what of age young folks don't? One night, We began to place beer bottles in the hot fire, I kept hoping to pull a melted bottle out and stretch & twist it like my parents used to with the old Coca-cola bottles. I never had any luck. The weekends to follow the failed attempts, we would clean out the burn pit to use it again. At the bottom of the pit, I found an interestingly swirled and twisted piece of green glass. I plucked it from the still warm ash & set it aside. Once it cooled, I heald it in my hand admiring it. "This is the closest I will get to a twisted bottle" I told Mike. I was satisfied, but, also annoyed at the ammount of melted glass I had to pick up every weekend.

Little did we all know that that weekend in particular it was the end of an era for the group. Jason met a girl he really liked, and not long after he moved away. Josh moved closer to be with his family soon after that. Our friend Anthony stayed locally and reamains as such.

A piece of my heart rests in the window all these years later, shining its beautiful green color with the rising of the sun each morning reminding me that Laughing, smiling and coming together with what you have to give is really all that you need to create some of the best times you'll ever have with your friends.

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