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The Adventure to great Soap & how to find it: #7 The magic world of Science

Updated: Jul 18, 2020


My mind wanders, it has all my life. It wanders terribly especially when I am in a situation that is of no interest to me. The funny thing about my mind wandering, it always seems like it wanders productively most of the time.

The photo in this entry was taken by me roughly between 2018-2019 down in Ft. Meyers, Florida. Michael & I had friends in town, and they requested a day trip. We took them to the Edison-Ford Winter Estates. If you have never been, I highly recommend you check it out. The admission is affordable & the quality and quantity you receive for admission makes it a worthy purchase.

I had been maybe 3 times before the last trip in '18-'19. The times before I had either enjoyed by myself or with classmates when I was younger.

Sciences of many kinds have always fascinated me. The 1st time I really recollect "science" was in two books my dad had in the late 1980's. One book was all about bugs, the other was about Space. I remember looking through the bug book. In more times than not, I remember seeing the photos of the huge beetles with the large horns or the brightly colored bugs that sprayed toxins when harmed...That book always scared me! The more I read, the more I was convinced I would happen across these great horned bugs one day and have to fight for my life against their toxic sprays. My young mind would wander and I would find my self on a jungle exploration in a plight against a nasty beatle that I found in Dad's books. After I fought off the nasties, I would begin to wonder "What makes up their toxic spray?" "Why does a beatle need to be so big?"

The 2nd book, the one about outer space always held my interest. It was so hard to comprehend that beyond the sunshine & sky I could actually see contained a vast darkness of unknown planets, Gasses, and quite possibly unusual life forms. The nebula's always interested me with their colors and shapes. The book told me that some glasses were purple and some red, due to the fact that gasses react different temperatures and what they are made of. How neat is that! My dad pointed out neon lights in a shop window one night and told me that the neon lights held gasses and shown different colors like the nebula's do in space due to their chemical makeup too. I thought (and still do) that it was neat that science was so close yet so far away, both in neon signs and the nebula's lost in space.

Move forward decades.....

We practice science everytime we make a batch of soap. Chemical reactions, measurements and the whole gamut. We are always reading about the changes different oils experience when faced with a lye mixture or how natural colorants such as Hibiscus will change when added to the soap mix.

There's a small window of time in the beginning and in the end of the soap making process I let my mind relax and think about whatever it comes up with. Sometimes I just day dream, but most times I'm thinking about the next colors I want to choose and how I can creativity push the envelope with a new found (or dreamed up!) ingredient I can add to my soaps.

If you have some additional time, and you love science like we do give the following topics a search. Happy reading & exploring !

  1. Edison Vs. Tesla : How the two raced to prove which electrical current was better AC or DC

  2. Marie & Pierre Curie: Family biography & their exploration of X-rays and radioactive compounds

  3. Newton's laws : So many of them can be applied and played with in your own safe when trying them !

  4. Neat people to read about : Jospeh Lister, John Dalton, Francis Bacon, Jonas Salk, Hans Lippershy

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education " -Samuel Clemens

( Aka Mark Twain)

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