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The adventure to great soap & How to find it #6: Want to be happy ? Live like a chicken

There is a cute song by a musician named Roger Allen Wade called "The Chicken Song".

The premise of the song is that a chicken wakes up to a brand new world everyday, she doesn't let the previous day's hardships and worries carry on to the rest of her days.

We have chickens at our home. They have been part of our "small farm" for 4 to 5 years now. Michael's father grew up on a chicken farm with 30,000 chickens & he was always telling us about the days growing up on a farm. I had always wanted chickens, it seemed like a neat hobby. Like any hobby there is a lot to learn & there is bound to be troubles along the way. We started out with 2 pullets. A pullet is a chicken that is older than a chick, but too young to lay eggs. The funny thing about the hobby of chickens is there is joke within the chicken keeping community. The joke is called "chicken math". Chicken math is kind of like eating potato chips, you just can't have one. We started out with 2, but it quickly grew to 11.

Keeping chickens is neat to me for a few reasons. The first reason is they are full of personality, no two are alike in attitude & demeanor. After a while, you will know what the squawks and noises they make mean. You will learn to know what is their favorite treats are.

So, how do you live like a chicken?

Chickens, overall are happy being left to their own wants & wherever the best pecking spots are.

  • Chickens love to start their day as soon as possible (Rise with the morning sun, greet the day with energy & enthusiasm)

  • Scratch at what you want in life until you find your favorite bug or reach your ultimate goal. (Hen's love to pick the best flowers & bugs...pick what's best for you in your life! )

  • Take time to rest after a hard day's work. ( Chickens go to bed early, reflecting on your day, Focusing on what to be thankful for, relishing on the small things that got you through the day.)

  • Gather your flock and keep them close. ( Who is part of your flock ? Gather the people who encourage you, make you smile.)

"…….A chicken wakes up to a new world everyday. Far as the

Chicken's concerned everything's A-OK. A chicken don't

Worry about nothing, but clucking, at the price of eggs today...."

"...…..You know a chicken knows half of being happy

It's just being happy with what you got. another half of

Being happy is, being happy no matter what....."

"...…...You reckin' a chicken ever finds herself fret 'bout

Getin' old and ugly, and fat I know a chicken's kinda

Dim, but i'm going out on a limb and I say a chicken's

Smarther than that...…"

"...….Life is short, Time is a tickin' want to live like a King ? Ya getta live like a chicken, because a chicken wakes up to a whole new world everyday !...."

Roger Alan Wade is an American singer-songwriter from Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. This song is off of his album "All Likkered up", 2005

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