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#13 The Adventure to Great Soap & how to find it : A man with a fish

Ernest Hemingway has always captured my interest & imagination. I remember as a child seeing the same photo of him. Thinking to myself "That's the biggest fish I've ever seen". I thought you had to be really someone to catch a fish that big. Little did I know, he was "really someone".

Over the years I have devoured every book, tour, program and the like.

A few years ago when soap making was still business in it's infancy and planning, I was on a vacation to the Florida Keys with a couple of close friends & my husband. We took a tour of the new Rum Distillery on the Island. At the end of the tour I saw the photo I have always loved! Except, it had a saying emblazoned across it. "Live a life that outlives you".

I kind of had a lump in my throat thinking about what that meant. I stood there thinking of his fish, bullfighting, writing, war experience & surviving multiple head many big things beyond all that...

Do you try to live a life that outlives you ? Or do you live day in day out to just get by ?

Life is short which makes it all the more special. I am not sure exactly when I got the feeling or want "to do & see it all", but it's more than possible to do small things daily to make an impact of your life. When you cover the small things, move to medium things.

To be great we don't necessarily have to run with the bulls or write great fiction. Finding your definition of "living a life that outlives you" can be service to the homeless, Reading to the eldery or completing the Iron man competition.

I recommend reading

The Dash: Making a Difference with Your Life from Beginning to End by Linda Ellis

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