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#12 The Adventure to Great Soap & how to find it: Man, That hurt

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Have you ever shared a hope or dream with someone that you looked up to ? Who hasn't, Right ?

A few years ago, I was sitting at a lunch table partaking in a active conversation of "what's something you hope to do?" It wasn't necessarily a formal conversation, just lunch chit chat. I heard what the others had to say about planting gardens, planning a trip or something small like painting their kitchen, it became my turn. I started to explain my want to pick up my life and start somewhere else. (At the time, soapmaking didn't exist for me yet). For years, I have felt like something was missing or a part of me has never felt full. I went on to explain how I wanted trees, rivers,

& mountains as my daily life. How the daily commute had become too much and so on. The response I got, was polite smiles from some, mentioning that it would be hard to go from x to y so drastically. "who would want to live like that" was another. Then, the person who I have looked up to the most for quite a while spoke. She sighed, smiled and said "I don't know about all that, I think you have over romanticized that kind of life in your head" OUCH. That hurt. I fell silent, went back to my plate and let someone else take up the conversation.

Have I ?

Have I over thought and made my life into something I can't attain?

That "blow" has stuck in my craw ever since that conversation, (and) for the last 5 years I have lived my life as romantically as possible! I have found that really diving into something that sparks my soul, my mind and my curiosity keeps me going on the roughest days. I have found beauty, hope, wonder & a dreamy like mindset keeps me going. I guess it's a focus of "what could be !" Of course, I get a bit lofty sometimes and need to be reeled back in. For the most part,I dare say that the things I romanticize are very reachable.

What's life without an eye on the prize, Even if it seems a bit dreamy?

My life this far, is living proof that staying the course of your wants and hopes takes some HARD work. In truth though, all things are possible with great attitude and drive.

What things do you want for your life? Can a small step make something possible ?

I think we all have room for change, For dreams, for that something that brings us to life just a bit more.

For you, It may be learning to sing & competing in Karaoke. For a friend, it could be rebuilding a car or sailing around the Carribean.

I found and article by a lady named Sahsa Meyer about romanticizing life she said "to really pay attention to all the little things happening around you. It means to fully live in the moment and to block out those thoughts about tomorrow, tonight, next week, and the fact that you don't know what is going to happen to your life and the world"

I Find the bit about not worrying about tomorrow interesting. Maybe there are different ways to experience this....who knows, Maybe I am using the wrong verbiage. Either way, I like being excited about the things that make my mind think & dream.

I shall stay the path & make it a reality!

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