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#4 The Adventure to great soap & how to find it: I was talking to my Dad

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

This entry will be a Sidebar based of a conversation I had with my Dad recently


I don't know how the conversation got started, but my Dad and I can go from talking about growing tomatoes to and ending up parting ways ending the conversation with Space exploration. Dad and I have always been close, as you know.

I know that my sense of wonder and my "I am capable of anything" attitude came from my Dad. As mentioned in past entries, Dad created adventures that were fun but taught me something at the same time.

I made 6 batches of soap last night, and Dad was looking at them. He smelled each batch and asked questions about the scent and admired the colors and swirls. "I think they are great, You have really stuck with it" He said. " Being in business for yourself is hard, it's tiring and sometimes frustrating" I smiled and mentioned that between my actual job and the business I work roughly 65 hours a week. Then he said something that I completely forgot about. At that moment, I realized I found another reason to believe that I am on the path to where my life wants to take me. "When you were young, out of the blue one day you mentioned you wanted to be an entrepreneur. I think you were about six or seven when you said that." I had forgotten all about that and thinking back, I remember always spit balling ideas on how I could make a company of my own. One Idea was a mobile Floral arrangement company. Another time is was thinking up an invention. It was always something with me, and more often time than not, my dad told me that I had a knack for selling. As I really think about it, after a while (as kids do) they move on to other things. I never really put thought into that for a longtime. It all makes sense now why soap and the thought of turning it into more than a hobby has always felt right. I am meant to be an Entrepreneur.

Thirty years later, here I am. I am paving my way to being what I wanted to be all those years ago. When your child says something, maybe it really is what they want to do, or maybe it is them in some cosmic way telling you what the universe has planned for them. Who Knows.

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