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10oz. (No added color)


Welcome to one of the newest offerings from Apotheca Brown! Our 10oz foam bottle provides a long-lasting scent & a great cleaning experience.


Enjoy our Lavender Foaming Liquid Soap, a fragrant masterpiece that will sweep you away to the picturesque fields of Provence with every use. This liquid soap, in a convenient foamer bottle, is designed to offer an irresistibly soothing and rustic handwashing experience that captures the essence of a lavender-filled countryside.


SKU: Foamer06
  • Because the product contains distilled water, it is necessary to add a preservative. Any health, beauty, or bath product that has water added to it must contain a preservative. Even if the water added is completely sanitary, there is still fungal, bacterial, or yeast growth is still possible. Safety First!

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