If you follow us close, you know we love Tennessee & have close ties to an inspring small town ! ( Go read about why we got into soap making, how we are changing our life & encouraging others to do the same on our main page)

  This bar is so very special to us for a few reasons & we are so excited to share ( A very limited run ) with you. 

From the Mountain was inspired by eating dinner in a very special place, sharing fun & laughs with the proprietor and his guests at his distillary on New Years Eve.

This bar of soap contains REAL whiskey mash in the 1st layer of the soap. 

   Enjoy this rustic fragranced bar, it too,will have you yearning for the country way of life !   

Breathe deep and enjoy getting clean with sandalwood, cinnamon, citrus, ginger, rum, birchwood & earth.


From the Mountain