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#10 The adventures to great soap & how to find it :Motivation can come from anywhere!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Well, if you've never met or seen I am. (Hello!)

I wanted to share something that I experience often. Motivation comes to me in so many forms, I think if you open your eyes and heart a bit more than usual, you'll see what I mean.

Take this photo as an example, It was the beginning of a rough week. Like many lives and households like ours, we had deadlines, bills to pay, chicken coops to clean...etc...the list goes on. Life gets busy & hectic!

Just before getting off work on that busy Monday, I got a phone call that a banner I was working on with a local business owner was ready for pickup. The service was really fast I thought. I had only placed the order less than 7 days ago. As I hung up the phone, I prayed that the quality of work would match the idea I had given them over email and by phone.

I hadn't even sold a single bar of Soap at this point mind you, So I was really nervous to put out a pretty penny and it not be the banner of my dreams.

After picking it up, I raced home. With banner in hand, and the sun nearly setting, I burst through the front door. I had asked my husband and Dad to help me set up the tent so we could see the banner. As my Dad and husband began to hang the banner up for me, I kept averting my eyes. I wanted to be suprised.

I looked up, my banner was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. I could have cried. I felt the lump in my throat feeling and tears stinging my eyes. "Wow" I said. "This feels real, Like I am going to sell some soap!" At this point, I was still 3 months away from selling a single bar.

This banner really helped refocus me that week on what really mattered. What mattered to me was building on my goals, Getting through with what "had to be done" so I could get to what I "want to do" ..and that want was to share my soap with the world!

It was a small stepping stone to get me motivated to press through. I find small pick me ups & motivations many ways. Here's a few that I use or experience:

  • Quotes that strangely just happen to fit when you need them to or a song that means something to you.

  • An unexpected compliment from a friend. (" You inspire me!")

  • finding A new thing to learn (READ! all the time, life has many teachable moments)

  • Being a source of light or encouragement to someone else. (Be what you need for yourself to others!)

  • Reach out to people with experience. Have a friend that knows X, ask lots questions! (people love to share their knowledge and it makes them feel good to help!)

  • LASTLY: Keep dreaming, Keep working. Small success is still success! Be your own motivation, you are the only person in your way to being what you want to be !

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