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#1 The adventure to great soap & how to find it : Small Town Girl

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Passion: [paSHən] NOUN,strong and barely controllable emotion.

Adventure: [adˈven(t)SHər] NOUN, An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

I'm Just A small town girl

who is in search for better stones in which to build my dreams on.

I grew up in a small town in Florida called Englewood. When people ask "So, where ya from?" Everyone from my area names the biggest city recognizable to most and work south from there, often leaving the questioner totally lost when Floridians name the small towns their actually from. Englewood is small town nestled South of Sarasota and North of Fort Meyers. Englewood, in many parts meets the Bays, Intercostals and Gulf Of Mexico. Platted in 1895, Englewood boasts a 13 square mile size (3.3 sq. mi of that is water). My family moved to the area in the late 50's/60's and has been there ever since.

Growing up in Englewood always felt special. I always knew I lived in a small community, that was quietly (and still is today ) tight-nit. I'm sure, like any town, Englewood has all kinds of subculture. Yours truly, was born into the working middle class family that danced the fine line of Average family & a bit "wild" by some peoples standards. My family, and the families we were close to loved to have fun & live free. There are parts of Englewood now that you can't set foot on any longer that yielded the largest blue crabs I have ever seen. We camped, hunted & ran wild in so many parts of our small-town paradise. The miles beaches & coastline that can no longer be camped on were ours for the taking almost every weekend. My friends & family look back on these care free days with love and laughter. It would be so wonderful to show the small town adventures to the younger generations as we experienced it. One of the greatest takeaways from this upbringing was that the world is meant to be explored. Life can be lived wonderfully even when you have "just enough"to your name.

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