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#29 The Adventure to Great Soap & How to Find It: "Turning sweat into success: working the concept of sweat equity"

A few weeks ago, someone remarked to me "Jen, you work incredibly hard" looking up, smiling as I wiped my brow in silence. I was loading the last of my market stuff into my truck. The real feel was 103 degrees, but the gauge said 90 degrees. It sure felt like 103. I chuckled and said "Thanks, I appreciate that"

It made me think about a conversation years ago as I prepared to graduate high school. I remember having a relaxed conversation with my dad about how long he had been out of school, what he did after graduation, and what he wished he had done differently.

Going through school wasn't always easy for me. I always had to put in extra effort when studying. I had to listen doubly to retain what was being taught. I felt so grateful for school to be over because I knew that freedom awaited me!

"I have made a decision," I told my Dad. He looked at me with a curious parent smile. "What's that?" he asked. I took a breath and said, "I'm not going to college; I want to go to work right away". My Dad paused and took a breath, Stopped, and smiled. "You would have been the 1st since Pops" (My Dad's Dad). I prepared myself for a debate, but it never happened. " I just want to start life, I am excited and want to see what I can do." I explained. What my dad said to me, I still carry 20 years later. "You may have to work a little harder to get positions, and move up, but I know whatever you do, you'll do it. I have always told you that you can do anything" He placed his hand on my shoulder, and I wrapped my arms around him. There are many things I can say about my dad, but one of them always rises to the top. My dad has always believed that I could do anything. I know all parents say that to their kids, but despite the odds stacked against me when going through school, I truly felt I could accomplish anything. "The proof is there, you are graduating with a high B, and that's amazing. You did that on your own, all you. "

At that moment, I was prepared to tackle anything, anyone, and any job I could find.(The last blog entry #28 sheds some light on jobs worked) I was working in a bakery at the time and felt my time was short, I wasn't going anywhere in that position. I knew that some of the jobs I would hold probably wouldn't be pleasant, they wouldn't be enjoyable, and they wouldn't pay much, but I knew I had to make it.

I have lived in my working life since that conversation with a " Failure is not an option" attitude. Some days leave me physically and emotionally drained, making me wonder if college is the path to success. I throw myself a pity party and ask myself to leave the party by 9pm. (ha-ha-ha) There is a saying that "It's ok to have a bad day and be down and out, but don't stay there"

After I thanked my vendor co-worker, I said "This is the definition of sweat equity, whoo! It's hot!" She laughed and agreed.

Sweat equity: Noun. The term sweat equity refers to a person or company's contribution toward a business venture or other project. Sweat equity is generally not monetary and, in most cases, comes in the form of physical labor, mental effort, and time.

Twenty years, I feel like I am just getting started. I feel like I am the most successful I have ever been, and I'm not talking money. It's amazing to look back and know I have come this far. Some of it is a gamble, some of it's luck & blessings from above, and some comes from the love of those close to me.

In the journey of life, the essence of true achievement lies in the sweat we pour into our dreams. Working hard is not just a necessity; it is the mortar of building something extraordinary. Believing in yourself is the fuel that keeps the fire of ambition burning. When you combine relentless effort with unwavering self-belief, you create your own unique version of sweat equity. This is not merely a measure of your labor, but a testament to your resilience and vision.

Your sweat equity is your legacy – make it count.

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